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The Dictionary
of Hammer Horror

An A to Z of Hammer,
'the studio that dripped blood'

By David L Rattigan

Welcome to the Dictionary of Hammer Horror, a comprehensive guide to Britain's most famous gothic horror studio. Here you can find out more about Hammer actors and actresses, directors, crew, locations and much more. It's a labour of love, in constant development. Keep up-to-date with all the latest additions in the column to the right. Enjoy! Dave Rattigan

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Latest additions:

15 September 2010 - Added gallery and credits for the 1960 thriller The Full Treatment, aka Stop Me Before I Kill!

24 February 2010 - Added galleries for The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) and Quatermass 2 (1957)

2 January 2010 - Added galleries for The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll (1960) and The Pirates of Blood River (1962)

29 December 2009 - Added stills to entries for The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959) and The Terror of The Tongs (1961)

29 July 2009 - Added entries for composer Don Banks, producer Michael Carreras and actor Duncan Lamont

18 July 2009 - Added galleries for Lust for a Vampire and Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde, both 1971 productions

12 July 2009 - Added comments and photo gallery for 1967 Vengeance of She and tidied up Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

9 July 2009 - Entries added for Hammer actor Shane Briant and 1963 thriller Paranoiac

3 July 2009 - Entry added on Hammer's controversial child abuse drama Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (1959)

16 February 2009 - On a personal note, I am now Twittering. Follow me!

26 November 2008 - Added notes on The Brides of Dracula. and Dracula, Prince of Darkness.

23 November 2008 - Added entries for producer Anthony Nelson Keys, and producer, writer and director Jimmy Sangster.

20 November 2008 - Added entry for producer and writer Anthony Hinds and photo gallery for The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974).

15 November 2008 - Dictionary of Hammer creator David L Rattigan will be talking live on APRS Radio tonight (Sat Nov 15) from 10pm to 12am Eastern Time (3 to 5am UK). Two hours of Hammer horror with host Dr William Lester.

8 November 2008 - There have been several minor updates over the course of the last year. The biggest recent update has been an entry for the 1964 classic fantasy The Gorgon.

5 December 2007 - Added entry (including extensive photo gallery) for Dracula AD 1972 (1972)

2 December 2007 - Added gallery for Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971) and Countess Dracula (1970)

1 December 2007 - Added actors Ingrid Pitt, Francis Matthews and Andrew Keir

30 November 2007 - Added entries for directors Roy Ward Baker, Don Sharp and John Gilling, and actor Edward de Souza.

9 November 2007 - Added entry (with picture gallery) for The Old Dark House (1962)

5 November 2007 - Added galleries for She (1965) and The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964)

3 November 2007 - Added entries for director Freddie Francis and actress Barbara Shelley

2 November 2007 - Added entry for The Mummy (1959) and The Horror of Frankenstein (1970)

27 October 2007 - Remember Richard Beaumont as Tiny Tim in the wonderful 1970 musical Scrooge? I was sure I spotted him in Demons of the Mind (1972), but he was uncredited, and I couldn't find a single resource online that credited him. Richard, who is now a stage actor, very happily answered my query. He remembered doing a two-day shoot for a horror film in that year - he described it quite perfectly, although he couldn't remember the title of the film! It certainly was Demons of the Mind, and now I have now honoured Richard with an entry in the Dictionary of Hammer Horror.

13 October 2007 - Added Roy Ashton (makeup artist)

Hammer fans in the UK will be delighted to hear that the restored version of Dracula (1958) is to be released on 2 November, with Halloween previews taking place nationwide. Dates, venues and times can all be found on the BFI website, here.

7 August 2007 - Added Arthur Grant (cinematographer)

29 July 2007 - Added extensive photo gallery for The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

24 July 2007 - Added reviews of some of the best Hammer horror books on the market

18 July 2007 - Added gallery for The Abominable Snowman (1957) and The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958), and entries on The Witches (1966) and The Scars of Dracula (1970)

17 July 2007 - Added Christopher Lee and gallery for Twins of Evil (1971)

15 July 2007 - Added The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)

13 July 2007 - Added The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964), Countess Dracula (1970).

12 July 2007 - More server problems, but I'm back again! I have updated the main index with important names. Full entries will gradually be added.

Added Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971) and Amicus Productions.

23 February 2007 - Unfortunately, I have had massive problems connecting to the server for the last couple months, hence the lack of updates. However, everything seems to be functioning again as normal, so look out for some new picture galleries and dictionary entries, beginning with the fabulous The Nanny (1965).

28 November - Added synopsis and comments for Four Sided Triangle.

22 November - Credits and gallery added for Four Sided Triangle.

1 November 2006 - Added gallery for Dracula Has Risen from the Grave. Also, some sad news - Nigel Kneale, renowned science-fiction and horror writer, died on 29 October, aged 84. His Hammer credits included the Quatermass films (a character he created) and The Abominable Snowman.

18 October 2006 - Added gallery and credits for Fanatic aka Die! Die! My Darling!

14 October 2006 - Added article on cinematographer Jack Asher. Also added a few stills for Rasputin, the Mad Monk. Also brightened up the main index with a some pictures.

13 October 2006 - Added picture galleries for The Hound of the Baskervilles, Dracula, Prince of Darkness, The Reptile , Quatermass and the Pit and The Devil Rides Out.

23 September 2006 - Added extensive picture gallery for Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. Sadly, Frank Middlemass, who appeared as a houseguest in an early scene in this film (pictured), passed away on 6 September. Read the Guardian obituary here.

15 September 2006 - Added gallery for Frankenstein Created Woman.

9 September 2006 - added galleries for The Curse of the Werewolf and Devil-Ship Pirates, and photo for Sarah Lawson, actress wife of the late Patrick Allen, and star of The Devil Rides Out.

3 September 2006 - Added line about the sad passing of Patrick Allen, and a gallery to Captain Clegg (synopsis and review to follow). Also added gallery for The Brides of Dracula.

12 June 2006 - Added comments on Hands of the Ripper.

25 March 2006 - Added illustrated entry on Hammer character actors Peter Madden and Derek Francis.

17 March 2006 - Added essay entitled The Horror of It All: The Dynamics of Class and Power in the Hammer Gothics. It was originally published in Albion Magazine Online.

14 March 2006 - Added article on Oakley Court (filming location), with screenshots from key films. Added new photos to entries on Michael Ripper, Patrick Allen, Dracula and The Phantom of the Opera.

13 March 2006 - Evil of Frankenstein synopsis, review and gallery added.

Kiss of the Vampire synopsis, review and gallery added.

12 March 2006 - Links. Your site not on there? Drop me an email. Also added a few screenshots of Down Place and the Hammer backlot to the article on Bray, Hammer's home until 1967.

5 March 2006 - Highgate Cemetery. Added article about this Hammer filming location, used to great effect in Taste the Blood of Dracula. Includes screenshots.

5 March 2006 - Goofs. Updated the section with rarely seen screenshots of some of Hammer's most amusing blunders.


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