An A to Z of Hammer, 'the studio that dripped blood'
By David L Rattigan

Welcome to the Dictionary of Hammer Horror, a comprehensive guide to Britain's most famous gothic horror studio. Here you can find out more about Hammer actors and actresses, directors, crew, locations and much more.


British Horror Films Tongue-in-cheek romp through classic British horror, including Hammer, Amicus and Tigon

British Horror Films Discussion Forum

Frankenstein Films Excellent resource

Hammer and Beyond Holger Hasse's Hammer blog

Hammer Films Webring

Hammer Film Yahoo Group & Webring Worthwhile joining the mailing list

Hammer Glamour Holger Hasse's tribute to the lascivious ladies and scream queens of Hammer horror

Hammer Horror: The Unofficial Hammer Films Site Robert Simpson's site, probably the #1 Hammer fan site on the web

HammerWeb: Official Hammer Films Site

Peter Cushing Museum

Terror Master: The Films of Christopher Lee


David L Rattigan 2005





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