Patrick Allen

Character Actor
1927 - 2006

Never a major player, Allen nevertheless took on a few roles for Hammer in such films as 'Never Take Sweets from a Stranger' (1960) and 'Captain Clegg' (1962, in his biggest role for the studio). In the latter film, as Captain Collier, he plays off Cushing's Clegg brilliantly. His best feature was his voice (his was the memorable voice-over at the beginning of the 1968 'Carry On Up the Khyber'), which probably explains why he was called upon to dub Australian actor Leon Greene in 'The Devil Rides Out' (1968, uncredited). Another popular British horror appearance was in Terence Fisher's 1966 science-fiction film 'Night of the Big Heat', made for Planet Film Productions.

In the 1990s he achieved cult fame doing a voice-over on the BBC comedy The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, followed by Vic and Bob's Big Night Out.

He was married to fellow Hammer-actor Sarah Lawson.

He died on 28 July 2006. In the few months preceding his death, he once again experienced a surge in popularity as the voice of new satellite channel E4. Read the Guardian obituary here.






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