Captain Clegg (1962 aka Night Creatures)

DIRECTOR: Peter Graham Scott
WRITER: John Temple-Smith, John Elder (Anthony Hinds)
MUSIC: Don Banks
CAST: Peter Cushing, Patrick Allen, Michael Ripper, Oliver Reed, Yvonne Romain, Martin Benson, David Lodge, Derek Francis, Jack MacGowran, Sydney Bromley.


Warning - Pics contain plot spoilers...!

Title card from US release of Captain Clegg, known there as Night Creatures:

Milton Reid as one of Captain Clegg's victims:

Sydney Bromley as Old Tom Ketch, a villager frightened to death on the moors by the 'night creatures' of the title:

Peter Cushing as Reverend Blyss, alias Captain Clegg:

Patrick Allen emerges through the mists by boat to make his first appearance as Captain Collier:

Captain Collier marches his men through the village of Dymchurch, of which this section is recreated on the Bray backlot (also recognizable as Victorian London in The Phantom of the Opera, made by Hammer later the same year):

Captain Collier confronts Mr Rash (George Benson) and Mipps the Undertaker (Michael Ripper) at the village inn:

The infamous scarecrow lookout:

Blyss and Collier in one of their many confrontations:

The 'night creatures':

Mipps bids a sad farewell to a friend:

Mipps carries the late Captain Clegg through the streets to his grave:








David L Rattigan 2005





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