Devil-Ship Pirates (1964)


CAST: Christopher Lee, Andrew Keir, John Cairney, Barry Warren, Duncan Lamont, Ernest Clark, Suzan Farmer, Natasha Pyne, Michael Ripper, Philip Latham, Harry Locke, Leonard Fenton.

SYNOPSIS: When the Spanish Armada is defeated by Sir Francis Drake, the ship The Diablo is run ashore in England. With malevolent the malevolent Captain Robeles (Lee) at its helm, the crew forces the men of a local village to help repair The Diablo, convincing them that the Spanish have secured a victory. However, the villagers find an unlikely ally (Warren, pictured with Lee) against the pirates, and begin plotting to foil their scheme.

COMMENTS: This pirate yarn was made back-to-back with The Scarlet Blade (1963), and marks the return to Hammer of one of its most competent directors, Don Sharp. Most of the action takes place on the Bray backlot, on Bernard Robinson's wonderful village set, also seen in Blade and The Evil of Frankenstein (1963). The impressive Diablo scenes were filmed in the flooded Bray gravel pits. This is no masterpiece, but it's a classy production that makes the most of Hammer's limited resources.


Don Manuel (Barry Warren) brings an unruly pirate (Leonard Fenton) to book:

Barry Warren, Christopher Lee and John Cairney on Bernard Robinson's village set at the Bray backlot:

Villagers Philip Latham and Harry Locke take on the pirates:

The ship El Diablo at the film's fiery climax, filmed at Bray Gravel Pits (now Bray Marina):








David L Rattigan 2005





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