The Vengeance of She (1967)

DIRECTOR: Cliff Owen (Aida Young, uncredited)
WRITER: Peter O'Donnell
MUSIC: Mario Nascimbene
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Wolfgang Suschitzky
CAST: Olinka Berova, John Richardson, Edward Judd, Derek Godfrey, Noel Willman, Andre Morell, Colin Blakely, Jill Melford, George Sewell, Daniele Noel, Gerald Lawson

This lacklustre adventure was intended to be a sequel to the much better She (1965), but became more or less a reversal of the original story. Czech actress Olga Schoberova, acting under the name Olinka Berova, was brought in to replace Ursula Andress. John Richardson reprised his role as Kallikrates, this time dubbed by David de Keyser (who later dubbed John Forbes-Robertson in The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires).

The first third of the movie wastes a lot of time building up a set of characters (namely Colin Blakely and Jill Melford) who disappear partway through, and it is tedious and bereft of suspense. After the halfway point, the action picks up a little as Berova and Judd enter the Lost City, where Berova is taken as the reincarnation of Ayesha - She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Since this was shot during a busy period for Hammer, almost none of the crew were regulars with the studio. Director Owen had a back injury during filming, and producer Aida Young stepped in as director on some scenes. The production values are generally low, with a particularly disappointing disintegration sequence towards the end, something done much better in Dracula (1958), She (1965) and The Mummy's Shroud (1967).







David L Rattigan 2005





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