The following was penned a few years ago, with more than a nod to WC Sellar and RJ Yeatman's brilliant parody, 1066 and All That (1930).


New Testament Studies
December 1992

You have exactly two and a half hours. Read the paper carefully before writing anything. Answer three of the following questions.


1. Expand, contract and explode one of the following:
a) the contents of Judas' Iscariot's pockets;
b) the Sanhedrin of Jesus' day;
c) your diaphragm.

2. Who did what, to whom, and in what year? Explain your answer.

3. Discuss, in no more than 2000 words, nothing in particular, with reference to anything you like.

4. Would you say that Cleopatra was directly responsible for the corporeal decline of Herod the Great? If not, what would you say?

5. Describe, in excessive detail, the woman at the well. What were her pneumatological implications? Could you suggest a suitable remedy?

6. Briefly solve the synoptic problem (3-4 lines max). Explain why the problem still baffles scholars today, and suggest what should be done to them.

7. Examine and evaluate Schwinkelmeier's exposition and assessment of Pfundhoffer's representation and appraisal of Kasselheimer. Critique your answer.

8. Use this sheet to fashion a lifesize replica of the inner sanctuary of the Jerusalem temple. You may ask for more paper if necessary. Crayons are allowed.

9. Evaluate the contribution of Paul to the early church. Do not make too much effort to relate your answer to the actual question. In fact, do not feel obliged to expend any energy on answering this question at all. On second thoughts, ignore the question altogether, and throw this sheet into the wastepaper basket, if you like. (This does not apply if you answered question 8.)

10. John the Baptist was beheaded with the Axe of the Apostles. Refute.


NB. Do not attempt to write on both sides of the sheet of paper at once.



Copyright, David L Rattigan 2000



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